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Jim Bostock

Founder of the Bostock Institute & Creator of the ‘Bostock Technique’.

Jim has helped thousands of singers and entertainers voices feel at ease. A unique ‘physical treatment’ that returns a singers voice back feeling free, strong and most importantly preventing vocal harm. When singers see Jim at their time of need (eg. sickness, vocal trauma / swelling), his treatment gets them on stage singing with their full voice and confidence.

Multi platinum selling artists, world-renowned speakers, actors, and singers featured on X Factor and The Voice Australia are now fans of the Bostock Technique. Whether they are in fear of losing their voice or just wanting to sound great on stage or studio, Jim’s treatment is working wonders in the music world.

Since 2004, Jim has helped thousands of performing artists & entertainer to perform at their best. From world renowned speakers and actors featured on TV & Films to multi-platinum selling artists & singers featured on X Factor and The Voice Australia.


  • 1st Class Honours in a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2001 from The University of Queensland
  • Masters Graduate of Physiotherapy 2003
  • Received Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy in 2011
  • Accepted Title from Australian Physiotherapy Association in Sports Physiotherapist in 2012
  • Expertise in Strain Counter Strain
  • Expertise in Visceral Somatic Manipulation/Release
  • Creator of the Bostock Needling Technique – BNT

Our External Consultants

Richard Fink

Founder of the THROGA and Guiness World Record holder for longest continuous vocal note & AMAZON’S #1 Best Selling Author for his book Throga.

With clients in over 100 countries spanning all 7 continents, Richard has been labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared as a celebrity judge on the Suncane Skale singing competition televised throughout Europe and Voices in Australia.

Richard has taught his THROGA techniques to multi-platinum selling artists, actors, public speakers, Broadway stars, and singers featured on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, MTV, CMT, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show, Live with Kelly, Yo Soy El Artista, Dancing with the Stars, and many others.

Dr Matthew Broadhurst

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Fellow to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Between 2005 and 2007 he did post-fellowship training in advanced techniques in laryngeal surgery, and voice restoration for larynx cancer, laryngeal papilloma, vocal cord nodules, cysts and polyps, stenosis, spasmodic dysphonia and vocal cord paralysis at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in Boston USA. Dr Broadhurst worked under the direct instruction of Dr Steven Zeitels, a world leader in laryngeal surgery and voice restoration and was recently acknowledged at the Grammy’s as the surgeon who restored the multi-platinum award-winning artist Adele.

Dr Broadhurst now performs these specialised laryngeal surgical techniques in Brisbane and offers the only full high-definition video stroboscopy in Queensland. He also offers comprehensive services for the ear, nose and throat, including hoarseness, vocal cord paralysis, throat cancer, spasmodic dysphonia, airway stenosis, care of the professional voice, swallowing disorders, facial cosmetics, and paediatric otolaryngology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Is the vocal treatment invasive?

No. The treatment to the voice is very gentle & relaxing.  Many feel rejuvenated, relaxed and reset after the session.

How long does the treatment last?

From our experience the results from over 1000 treatments have shown that one treatment to a non-structurally damaged voice (eg. significant polyps/nodules/scar tissue) can last between 6-12 months.  Even vocal cords that presented significantly swollen, have shown to clear the swelling improving vocal sound and projection in the days ahead.  It generally takes 3-4 days for the complete vocal reset to complete.

Can you sing straight after the treatment?

Yes. All singers feel their voices have been given a volume boost, projection is easier and clearer.  All muscle tension is eliminated allowing the voice to feel warmed up and ready to go.

When is it best to get the Bostock Vocal treatment done?

We commonly meet singers and speakers who have lost their voice after an incident (overuse or vocal fold injury) from days to years ago, despite all medical examinations showing non damaged or healthy vocal folds.  The common diagnosis given being vocal muscle tension dyphonia.  But the vocalist is still unable to regain their full vocal strength and ability despite all the best exercises and management, even post vocal surgery to remove polyps / nodules.  Many singers and speaker also seek Jim’s treatment prior to or during a major tour or song/album recording to have their voices sounding and feeling at its best.