We are excited to announce that in 2019 we will be launching a world first online program to help people this horrible long term vocal dystonia without a known cure to date.

Nearly 20 years working with over 60,000 people suffering nerve problems in the body and voice, we have obtained knowledge and data that we feel can help Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) improve through a unique neuro-plastic retraining concept specifically targeting your emotional habits.

In neuro science, when your body is under
a lot of stress trauma, physically and emotionally, your Sympathetic system is
highly aroused, the fight or flight mode overproducing the hormones of
adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol…when your body senses that it’s too close
to the edge, in too much danger of damage, The PNS kicks in automatically to
push on the break pedals.  This is a
natural self-defence mechanism set into our nervous system. To preserve you
from further harm. 

During this time, POST TRAUMA, your body
leaves you an emotional & physical SCAR to always remember.  From all our research and results, SD is a
form of an emotional SCAR.

The frustrating question is – Why did your
brain do this to your voice? Do you have a malfunctioning brain? Do you have
genetic dysfunction?

According to the literature – Dystonia is a disorder of movement, which need not involve any other functions of the brain.  Therefore intellect, personality, memory, hearing and sensation are all quite normal in people with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

The medical evidence, says Spasmodic
Dysphonia causes involuntary closure of the vocal cords, which results in
effortful speech with a tight, strained/strangled quality and abrupt breaks in
voicing (adductor SD).  Then there is the vocal cords open involuntarily
during speech causing intermittent breathiness (abductor SD).

Dysphonia affects men and women of all ages, in all walks of life. 
Interruption of free flowing speech can profoundly influence social and
professional interaction and emotional well-being, and cause feelings of
isolation and despair.

IN my opinion, 3
points in the literature is very clear –

1. they are still
trying to find a cure and there are no definite reasons for How & why
People develop SD. The source is Unknown!

body or neural FATIGUE or Illness makes the condition worse.

3. In the official diagnosis of SD they mention the basal ganglia of the Limbic brain, your emotional brain, but no said after this.

You get referred to ENT, Laryngologists, Speech Pathologies, Physiotherapists, Neurologists & Vocal Therapists only to find out that your voice may show short lived improvements, but you always find it behaves better when you’re emotionally doing better??

Botulinum toxin or Botox is one the gold standard procedures to treat SD, injecting a bacteria toxin to put the laryngeal nerves to sleep for up to 3 sometimes 4 months, only to have the involuntary spasms return with a vengeance.

Why is this the case…..

Even with regular Botox injections for those lucky FEW who feel more vocal control after its administration, the problem still exists – you HAVE to keep taking the injections!

We have found that the key to solving SD, IS the emotional Brain – Your Limbic Brain – The VAGUS
nerve is now guarding the voice from further threat, so that you don’t
experience the stress and trauma of what led to you develop SD in the first

Some of you may
say but  “I wasn’t stressed during that
time when I got SD”?

The crazy truth
is, your STRESS State was building in your limbic brain way before you
developed SD.  Your emotional habits were
already primed to develop SD when the right emotional trauma happened and
pushed your Nervous System threat response over the threshold.

When SD onset upon
you, your Body went into preservation mode, VAGUS nerve protecting and locking
your voice was the outcome/produce/SCAR. To always remind you to not do this to
yourselves again! 

Like any phobias
in you have, or other traumas of death/guilt/resentment you all can understand…They
are emotional SCARS in your memory (scientifically named neurosignitures and
neurotags) to make sure you don’t repeat that trauma again.

It’s the same
principle with SD, The voice is there to remind you that you have been scared
and threatened.

The problem is – we have discovered that people SD no matter what they have tried to physically help their voice, Botox, surgeries, medications etc….are still living emotionally in this post traumatic ‘Stress Energy STATE’ as we have named it here in our program.  This is why the results of success and failures with various treatment are so inconsistent.

Cues in your environment, are subconsciously threatening your brain every day. Your Limbic brain is all subconscious emotions and forces the Vagus nerve to keep guarding your voice.  When you feel safe, secure and happy your voice is great because your Limbic brain is happy.

We here at the
Vocal Freedom Program have developed a concept in aiming to release this
stressed energy state in people with SD. 
To ultimately release the voice.

The process is
through simply creating better emotional Habits using the neuroplasticity – a concept
widely known & highly regarded in neuroscience.

In our unique
concept we will be growing good habits and erasing the BAD habits that are
holding your Stressed Reactive Emotions and your voice locked in your mind and

Creating the new codes for a better programming in your brain, change the plasticity of your brain, to free your Limbic brain and free your voice.

Our vocal Freedom program has been specifically designed to help you achieve better emotional habits in your life, which will ultimately not just save your voice but your careers, relationships, sporting endeavors and your loves and joys of life.

Click here to find out how we work together to help you begin this incredible journey towards your long term Vocal Freedom, because I can tell you right now, its not too late to start!